Power of Pop

Teashhur’s new single “Over Now” showcases once more her powerfully memorable vocal ability. With minimalist splendour, “Over Now” strikes close to the heart with its melodic piano accompaniment and Teashhur’s passionate delivery. Fans of Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet and Sarah McLachlan will thoroughly enjoy Teashhur.

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CITY65 introduces The Living Room Sessions

CITY65 Music – yes, the initiative behind the CITY65 Music Festival – has just announced a new music series that aims to once again, as per its ethos, hail homegrown artists in a proud showcase of local talent.

Championed The Living Room Sessions, the series is slated to be one hallmarked by intimacy at the forefront of its attitude, due for its first session on July 21 (Friday) at Blu Jaz Café. This series debut, named the “Femme Fatale Edition”, will feature Fym SummerAdia Tay, and Teashhur (with Veronika Sakhno).


Power of Pop

So much music, so little time – as we are wont to lament. Sometimes that means being a little late on music releases, even in your own backyard. Such is the case with Teashhur, an Australian singer-songwriter based in Singapore.


Decked in full black attire and shoulder length hair, one would be unsuspecting of what freckle-faced Teashhur Dekan could whip up with her warm disposition and welcoming demeanour.

But the pensive mother of two is a singer-songwriter whose piano driven ambient-pop ballads could send tears streaming down the floodgates of our eyes. Her music can be described as ethereal and symphonically spiritual, leaving listeners floating in a space of unprecedented emotion – a raw humble human state one can only savour with kneeling knees and a broken heart.  Read more

The Independant SpotLight


Last Thursday, November 24, the independent singer songwriter Teashhur released her debut studio effort, an EP entitled ‘Dreams.’ Available now on iTunes and all other major digital music platforms, the three song collection is a compelling insight into Teashhur’s intensely personal, poignant songwriting style. Alongside the title track, ‘Dreams’ has two other songs: ‘Angel Eyes’ and ‘Boats.’ Read more