Teashhur is an Australian singer-songwriter. Her music has been described as “ethereal and symphonically spiritual, leaving listeners floating in a space of unprecedented emotion” (AsiaLive365). 

Her fans have compared her powerful, haunting voice to the likes of Adele and Sia. 

Teashhur has traveled extensively and lived in London and Dubai. She currently resides in Singapore, where she can often be found in local venues performing songs from her debut EP “Dreams”, released in November 2016. The three-song collection is a compelling insight into Teashhur’s intensely personal, poignant songwriting style.

Originally from Australia, she has travelled extensively, has lived in various countries, and now currently resides in Singapore. 

Classically trained in piano, Teashhur starting writing songs in 2011, after a time of intense hardship in her life. She explains, "The depth of my emotional experience started my songwriting journey. It helped me say the things I couldn't verbalise. This journey has not been easy, but I would change nothing, because now I know who I am.”

Her debut EP  'Dreams' was released in 2016.  This EP certainly has a melancholy feel to it, and one can sense the depth of loss from the melodies, lyrics, and the emotional delivery, but there is also hope and healing, particularly in Dreams which talks about new beginnings.  Dreams was Produced in Singapore by Static Lights Productions.

Teashhur released single 'Over Now' in July 2017, and a second EP is anticipated to follow.